Clinical practice requires trust and flow of communication not only between patient and clinician, but also among staff working in different pockets of the system, with the aim of providing the best possible care for each person. Covid-19 has tested our collective understanding of patient–clinician relationships, transforming them, overnight, into remote, online ones, while also fundamentally changing the ways staff work across health and care, with digital co-operation often fully replacing face-to-face collaboration. It’s been a year since digital delivery became the only available way for many staff to undertake clinical work during the pandemic, what can we learn from the nature of relationships as they evolved into digital ones?

In our online event on 25 May, we will look at how using inhalers remotely has challenged clinicians, patients and colleagues, and discuss what this means about the nature of delivering health and care services, as Covid-19 reshapes our understanding and experience of the human element in health and care and our increasingly greater co-existence with digital technologies.

The event is intended for health care professionals, policy-makers, those with an interest in respiratory and digital health care. GSK has sponsored the delivery of, and had input to the agenda of, this event.


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Mark Doughty

Senior Consultant, The King’s Fund

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Mark is part of the leadership and organisational development team and he brings an in-depth knowledge and experience of developing patient and community leaders to the Fund. His work focuses on supporting the development of new relationships between patients, communities, and health and care professionals by embedding collaborative and partnership working across the health and care system. He is currently the co-director of the Leading Collaboratively with Patients and Communities programme at the Fund.

Mark is co-founder and director of The Centre for Patient Leadership. He has designed a number of award-winning patient leader programmes and advised organisations, including NHS England, on patient leadership. He has consulted on and facilitated the development of organisational cultures that support new relationships (including collaborative and partnership working) between staff, patients and local communities. He also works as an executive coach supporting senior leaders with their personal and professional development.
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Andrea Lever

UK Associate Medical Director, GSK

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Andrea graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1992 and worked in the NHS for 12 years in hospital medicine and as a GP partner. She worked in business development and project delivery for MGP before joining the Pharmaceutical industry in 2004, initially at Janssen Cilag, then GSK and then as an independent pharmaceutical physician. Now the UK Associate Medical Director, Andrea is responsible for GSK's collaborative working projects with the NHS, including patient review services, many of which have been delivered remotely in the last year.
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Andrew Cumella

 Senior Analyst, Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership

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Andrew Cumella is Senior Analyst at the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership. He leads on evidence and conducts research projects for the charity. He has researched and written about patient experiences of care, patient opinions of data use, health inequalities and asthma, and unmet need in severe asthma care. His research interests include using the patient voice in research and policymaking, the use of data and evidence in policymaking, health inequality and medicines policy.
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Shakeela Riaz

 Patient representative, PCRS

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I have asthma for myself and also two of my children also have asthma. I have volunteered with Asthma UK since 2012, and have taken part in many campaigns from legalising blue inhalers in schools to the banning of smoking in public places. I have participated in various radio programmes on behalf of the charity to promote asthma awareness as well as YouTube videos.

I am also a patient representative with the PCRS, where I sit on the conference organising committee & contribute to organising the annual respiratory conference. My role also involves providing input as a patient to help healthcare professionals understand from a patients perspective.

I am a patient representative on various focus groups nationally, working alongside consultants and researchers to help develop better care for respiratory patients.

I am very passionate about respiratory care. My passion comes from experiences of care that both me & my children received, which prompted me to do more not just for me & my children but for all respiratory sufferers nationally. I want to be able to make a difference so patients can access the quality of care they are entitled to.
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Dr Carl Deaney

GP, Marsh Medical Practice

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Dr Carl Deaney qualified from London University and completed his VTS via the Oxford Deanery. He moved to his current position serving a rural community in East Lincolnshire in late 2013. He is the respiratory lead GP for his practice but has a special interest in all long term conditions and their impact on the patient’s quality of life. He is passionate about the implementation of best practice in the primary care setting.


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